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The Classic Tom Trails Filmstrip Series


Chapter 1

Scared Of Himself - 6:48

Tom Trails faces difficulty speaking in his high school speech class because he's self-conscious. He looks to his friend Keith to help. Keith gives him not only a boost in confidence, but spiritual help as well.


Chapter 2

Responsibility To Do His Best - 9:01

Tom's confidence is shaken by a failed attempt to speak in front of his speech class. He considers dropping out of school. Friend Lilly encourages him to stay in and invites Tom to MIA.


Chapter 3

Eager And Excited - 9:09

Tom gains a renewed interest in the church. Lilly invites him to early morning seminary. Tom attends and begins a new phase of his life.


Chapter 4

Troubled With The Past - 9:40

Tom addresses his speech class, and gains confidence. Now feeling a desire to be baptized, Tom is troubled when he learns that he must confess his sins. Some old troubles come back to haunt him.


Chapter 5

Tom Wants To Repent - 12:18

Tom learns in seminary about miracles. He decides that if he makes the high school basketball team it would be a miracle that would prove that God wanted him to join the church. Elder Tyson later weighs in on the matter.


Chapter 6

A Great Burden Lifted - 11:05

Tom is interviewed by the branch president and confesses his past wrongdoing. At his baptism, he thinks about all the people who helped him get there. He emerges from the baptismal water feeling reborn.


Chapter 7

The Beatitudes Helped - 9:28

Tom becomes jealous when Lilly starts getting cozy with Sam. Tom tries to upstage his rival by asking Lilly to a dance, but is foiled when Sam beats him to the punch. After reading the Beatitudes in seminary, Tom makes a humbling discovery.

Chapter 8

Persecuted For Righteousness Sake - 10:51

Tom is upset with Sam for his influence over Lilly and Sam's overall bad behavior. Tom tries to warn Lilly about him but is rebuffed. When Sam engages in some locker-room talk about Lilly, Tom finally confronts him despite the risk of appearing uncool. Lilly learns of this and comes to appreciate Tom's Christlike example.

Chapter 9

Take No Thought For Tomorrow - 14:19

Feeling a need to help Sam find the spiritual light he himself has found, Tom decides to pay Sam a visit while out shooting his rifle. On the way, Tom happens upon Sam who hastily leaves. Tom goes back home and after church the next day is accused of trying to kill Sam, who was found that same morning near death from a gunshot wound. Tom is arrested and turns to the Lord for help.

Chapter 10

The Game of Life - 17:00

Tom and his friends feel dejected after their school loses a big basketball game. In the final moments, the team captain fouled out leaving the team in disarray and costing them the lead. In seminary, Brother Adams uses this as an example of what happens when a leader gives in to temptation. By coincidence, Tom's friend and LDS role model, Keith, shows some weakness in the face of temptation. Later, a newly recovered Sam returns to school and provides an unexpected lesson in faith.

Chapter 11

The Greatest Power In The World - 14:20

Because of the trials and changes Sam has gone through, Tom develops a new appreciation for him. Sam accepts an invitation to seminary from Tom where he learns about the Priesthood and becomes more interested in learning about the church. Tom invites Sam to meet with the missionaries and Sam agrees. During that first meeting, however, Sam reveals to Tom and the elders an incident from his past that has left him guilt-ridden and doubting his self-worth.

Chapter 12

Why Not Do It Right? - 12:10

Tom gets up the courage to ask Lilly to the prom. She accepts and the night goes so well that a romance is born. After dating for a few months Tom decides to propose and Lilly says yes. When Tom tells Elder Tyson the news, the reaction is not what Tom expects.

Chapter 13

Waiting Is Hard - 9:37

On the way to seminary, Tom meets up with Lilly and tells her that he has decided not to get married as planned. Lilly doesn't take the news well and goes home. After school that day Lilly meets Tom at the bus stop to talk about their future. The elders happen by and join the conversation.

Chapter 14

Life's Report Card - 15:38

Tom feels down on himself for breaking Lilly's heart. In Speech class, Tom listens to the other students talk about their college plans and decides that he wants to go to college, too. When Tom later discovers that his grades are too low for college acceptance, he begins to dwell on all of his mistakes and to wonder if he's a hopeless failure in life. Later, Tom assists Elder Tyson with a missionary discussion on the atonement of Christ and comes away with an unexpected lesson of his own.

Chapter 15

In Her White Dress - 18:12

Lilly and her father buy a dress for the high school graduation dance. Tom happens by and sees them in the store but continues on his way rather than try to talk to Lilly. He quietly hopes that someday she might forgive him. Moments later, terrible tragedy strikes and shakes up the entire town.

Chapter 16

A Reason To Succeed - 19:23

Tom visits Lilly's father, Mr. Lorez, who is at home recovering from an auto accident. They talk about the problems that they have experienced in their lives and wonder if Lamanites were born to suffer. Tom begins to feel that he was born into disadvantage and questions his ability to compete in society against non-Lamanites. When Brother Adams explains the history of the Lamanites in seminary, Tom comes to a humbling realization.

Chapter 17

The Beginning - 14:45

Tom graduates from high school, receiving his diploma with much improved confidence. After the ceremony he feels a desire to be of help in some way to Sam's mother, who will be alone after graduation as Sam has enlisted in the Army. Sam invites Tom for Sunday dinner and while there Tom is able to realize his hope of helping Sam's mother. At the same time Tom takes his first step towards becoming a missionary.

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